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Get to know the Moving Beyond fellows
Project 1

E. Mallia, University College London

Project 2

Development of Motor Indices of Parkinson's Disease

Yoav Beck, The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Project 3

Evolutionary conserved brain mechanisms underlying goal directed behaviour

Shreyas M. Suryanarayana, Karolinska Institutet

Project 4

Encarna Micó Amigo, Radboud Universiteit

Project 4

Encarna Micó Amigo, Radboud Universiteit

Project 4 + 7

J. van Uem, University of Tuebingen
E. Micó Amigo, Radboud University Nijmegen

Project 5

EEG investigation of gait in Parkinson’s disease using immmersive virtual reality.

Pedro Custodio, Motek Medical

Project 6

A wearable system of inertial sensors for the fall risk assessment in the elderly

Tomislav Pozaic, Bosch

Project 8

Freezing of Gait

Claudia Stummer, Parkinson Center Nijmegen

Project 9

Robot aided assessment of walking function

Serena Maggioni, Hocoma